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Newbie Madness

Hey kids we've got a new white devil!!!

I'm Lauren
Bands: Nightwish, Billy Talent, Within Temptation, The Rasmus and Bright Eyes



"Theres Life Beyond These Walls"

"Beautiful Emptiness"

And a drawing of mine just because...

"Not Like Other Girls"

Picture of me!!

And Im done....

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You have a lot of talent. I really like your photography.
.x. Justine .x.
It's ridiculous how much we have in common...apart from the fact that it hell tripped me out when I opened the page and read 'I'm Lauren' and thought, 'no you're not, I am!' then realized the childishness of this and moved on.

I think you kick ass cause you have the aptitude and what seems like the drive to take your talent for photography and visual art in general all the way. I mean there are somethings that need working on but even Van Gogh had to start somewhere.

Rammstein are awesome, and need to do a world wide tour for 'Reise Reise'. And I love your Invader Zim shirt in your photo.

Lauren -> Timm

Thats probably the nicest thing anyone has said about my photos. Ever! The world needs more people like you.
that's nice of you to say =)

do you mind if I add you to my friend list??
Go right ahead. Ill shall add you aswell.