atticus_timmah (atticus_timmah) wrote in emoart,

Hello, so i decided, I would stop watching this community die. And post for the first time (im not much or an artist at all)

My friend's band, has a very calming song called Convection pt 2. The band name is saving rochester. You will be hearing alot more from him soon. Anyway, this song can relate to anyone, and has many different meanings, depending on how you are feeling. So included in this cut, is my introduction. As well as 2 of my interpretations of Convection pt 2

My Name Is Tim
im 19
My fav bands at the moment are Senses Fail, Fall out Boy and Story of the year.

(i've only started doing this, this week)

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

and for the third, one, a friend of mine

model name:Georgia
song: You're beautiful - James blunt
Image hosted by
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